Introducing Prata Riverside Village: Your Gateway to Modern Living.
Today, Prata stands as an unrivaled investment opportunity, securing your financial future with foresight.

Discover the allure of a NEW, VIBRANT, and CONTEMPORARY residential complex nestled along the serene riverbanks. Prata offers a seamless blend of residential apartments, shopping boutiques, leisure retreats, cutting-edge offices, service hubs, and a sprawling 10-hectare public park that graces the riverfront. This visionary endeavor is reshaping Marvila into an avant-garde destination, destined to become the epitome of style and panache in Lisbon.

Elevate your status and embrace a lifestyle that defines elegance. Living in Prata isn't just about dwelling; it's about affirming your elevated social standing. The proximity to the Expo area and the prestigious Creative Hub, HubCreativo Beato, where global titans choose to establish their headquarters, ensures an unceasing demand for rental properties within the complex.

With a diverse selection of 660 apartments ranging from chic studios to expansive 5-room duplexes, Prata accommodates every aspiration. Benefit from dedicated parking for every unit, while relishing in the tranquility of a communal garden for each residential block. Prata Riverside Village stands as a living testament to the genius of Renzo Piano, the visionary behind iconic architectural marvels such as The Shard, the NY Times Building, Centre Pompidou, the Whitney Museum, and Osaka Airport.

Anticipation is building as the exquisite Park Building takes shape, set to debut in the second half of 2024. Immerse yourself in the excitement as we unveil a selection of cozy T1 apartments, expansive T2 residences, and indulgent T3 offerings for those who crave abundant space. With every convenience considered, all apartments are accompanied by underground parking spaces and storage rooms, ensuring a seamless blend of luxury and practicality.
The forthcoming Park Building stands as a testament to Prata Riverside Village's commitment to delivering unparalleled living experiences. As the countdown to 2024 commences, secure your place in this architectural masterpiece. Live life on your terms, surrounded by innovation, convenience, and sophistication.

Prata Riverside Village – Where Distinctive Living Meets Artistry in Architecture. Seize the opportunity to be part of this transformational journey. Embrace the allure, seize the advantage, and shape your tomorrow with Prata.

Typology T1 from 400 000 euro to 600 000 euro
Bedroom - 1
Bathroom - 1 or 2
Parking space - 1
Storage - 1

Typology T2 from 980 000 euro to 1 120 000 euro
Bedroom - 2
Bathroom - 2 or 3
Parking space - 2
Storage - 1

Typology T3 from 1 120 000 euro to 1 300 000 euro
Bedroom - 3
Bathroom - 2 or 3
Parking space - 2
Storage - 1

Location: Lisbon

Type: Business

Reference: 224823LX

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